Isencane Lengane viewers mourn for the late Bab’ Dlamuka as his funeral is aired. Death is one of the most inevitable part of life and of course the saddest.

Isencane Lengane viewers mourn for the late Bab' Dlamuka as his funeral is aired

When time of heart break comes, it can bring immense relief to know that people are feeling your pain and giving their condolences. The time has come for Bab’ Dlamuka to be laid to rest.

Viewers were decidedly upset about his passing.

Bab’ Dlamuka was a prominent feature of season one of this show. He often had to be one calling out his son for his behaviour. He was the voice of reason and the only redeemable part of the show, without him, the cracks are showing quite quickly.

Siyacela and Thando started off the season having left his fathers kraal and living in Durban. Siyacela barely seemed concerned about his fathers illness. It pains me that a man like Bab’ Dlamuka has children who are nothing like him. He will leave a legacy of being kind, the same can’t be said for them.

Social Media Response

People took to twitter to share their thoughts about the funeral and sudden passing.

One user wrote, “Not me being triggered by Bab’ Dlamuka’s funeral the […] congregants singing reminds me of my grandmother’s funeral and now I’m in tears #IsencaneLengane”

While another user wrote, “Thank you #mojalove for honoring him it was so painful to watch #mayhissoulrestinpeace #IsencaneLengane”

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A final user wrote, “Sorry for their loss ne? But both Siyacela and his brother never cared about their father, didn’t do anything about his sickness even #IsencaneLengane”

Bab ‘ Dlamuka was an integral part of Siyacela’s life and I believe he will miss the support and guidance from his father. His death is not quite shocking but watching the funeral really brought me to tears. I hope he is resting in peace at last.

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