A 19 year old Wits University first year student from Dutywa was stabbed 3 times to death by an ex boyfriend. According to her friends, Kwasa was killed by her ex boyfriend who is also 19,after she tried to end their relationship.#JusticeForKwasa:19-year-old Wits University student stabbed to death by ex-boyfriend

#JusticeForKwasa:19-year-old Wits University student stabbed to death by ex-boyfriend

The ex boyfriend, Viwe Rhumelani, stabbed Kwasa to death because he couldn’t accept that it was finally over between them. Kwasa’s friends say they were aware of her boyfriend’s abusive nature. One of her friends shared their final conversation in which Kwasa told her that she approached Viwe’s family to talk to them about his abusive behavior. His family then advised her to stay in the relationship for her safety. They warned her that something violent would happen if she breaks up with him.


The ex boyfriend, Viwe, then tried to commit suicide by overdosing pills after stabbing Kwasa. He is currently fighting for his life in hospital.

Kwasa’s family is devastated and struggling to come to terms with the brutal murder. “My 19 year cousin was stabbed three times by her boyfriend and she passed away. What is wrong with men? 😔💔”


Frightened young women are saying it’s quite unfortunate that the law is not on women’s side and that’s the problem.” South Africa has a dark past and sick minds won’t hesitate to capitalise on the weakness of our laws.Until the law is tightened there won’t be change anytime soon,” a young woman said following Kwasa’s brutal murder.

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It’s sad how this is becoming a norm. Campaigns are there so everyone knows that this is a real problem unfortunately, our justice system is failing us because these people kill knowing they will be out tomorrow.


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