KwaMashu mourns death of a soldier. Goodbye Nkunzi as he exits Uzalo. KwaMashu is reeling over the news of Nkunzi’s death, Hleziphi and Nonka fight for their lives.

KwaMashu mourns death of a soldier.

Life as we know it is about to change as the disaster is about to strike KwaMashu from all sides. Sbu attempted to take Nkunzi’s life twice on the same day in the final episode of the series, and it appears that his final attempt was successful.

In a video that Uzalo posted, Nkunzi and a companion are shown drinking from the poisoned jar together.

After taking a sip, the man Nkunzi is sitting next to begins to perspire profusely. Nkunzi follows suit and eventually drops to the ground as the poison takes hold.

The teasers for this week indicate that chaos is about to ensue. The heat of Nkunzi’s demise spreads throughout the neighborhood. When Nyawo learns of Cool Kruger’s passing, he cannot believe what he is hearing, and Sbu begins to imagine what it would be like to take his place.

Even though Sbu has never even had one firm in his life, everything Nkunzi owns will be put to an end, and he is ready to take over. Did Sbu indeed succeed in slaying the Cool Kruger as he had hoped?

In the second video that the program shared, Hleziphi is stepping it up.

When Mondli takes up the phone after seeing her contact the cops on camera, he can’t believe what he’s hearing. He is shown the necessary proof that the parcels in the boxes are filled with cocaine by Hleziphi, who is in the hub.


From then, things will start to get out of hand. The parcels will be taken by the police during a raid on the cocaine hub. By Wednesday, Nonka will be involved in this mess because she learns the truth about her Knight and Shining armor.

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To make a long story short, Nonka ends up joining Hleziphi, and by the end of the week, these two will be fighting for their lives. Kwanda is going to kidnap Hleziphi and demand that she return his drugs.

He made the search even more challenging by setting excessive expectations for this woman, which has been ongoing for weeks.

Currently, Mbatha is pastoring a congregation within a school.


He continues to debate Pastor Gwala on the radio tonight about the risks of imposters who claim to be priests or pastors but actually exploit their flocks. He calls women to his hunt over the radio.

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