Lerato Sengadi: People Are Disgusting!   Just yesterday actress Simphiwe Ngema let it be known that she was in a relationship with TV hunk Tino Chinyani and that they are expecting a bundle of joy. While the majority of social media users was happy, some are not.

Lerato Sengadi: People Are Disgusting!

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The actress who lost her husband in a tragic incident in 2017 has finally moved on but a few tweeps dragged her for moving on “so fast”.

Another celeb widow Lerato Sengadi took to her defense and slammed the trolls for denying her happiness three years after her great loss.

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Lerato has always advocated for black widows. In a candid radio interview, she spoke about how they are mistreated.

“Black widows have been treated in the most vile, inhuman and degrading way once their partner passes for decades…” she said.

Lerato is armed and ready to put the disrespect against scorned black widows and said ‘enough is enough.’

“I don’t think there’s one black woman who doesn’t know of another black woman who has gone through this. This conversation is important because at some point we have to say enough is enough.”


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