Mampintsha has publicly stated that he considers opening up his own church after coming across a disturbing video of a pastor performing unspeakable things to a female churchgoer.

Mampintsha Considers Opening Up A New Church

Shimora was left baffled by a pastor shaving off a woman’s pubic hairs in front of the congregation. To make the church exclusively his, he could be opening it up under his trademark ‘WestInk Church.’ He even came up with the name “Isidlo Church of God.”

“F*ck I’m opening new Westink church. So help me Lord! Bayaganga manje. The name of my church will be called #ISIDLOchurchofGod,” he captioned the post.

The musician, just like many other people in the country are fed up by the many occult churches that have been making congregates do bizarre things. Judging by his caption, he is very fed up.

If he is amped up to start his own church he would be following in the footsteps of his future father-in-law Reverend Simelane, who is Babes Wodumo’s father.

This would also be an addition to his countless business ventures under his belt. The WestInk boss is gearing up to launch his Original Shandis gin next month and has given fans a sneak peak into what the packaging looks like.

In a video where he is pleading with his followers to support him, he can be heard saying his Original Shandis Gin will be dropping in December and asked his fans to support him as he elevates his hustles. He did mention that he is still in the process of doing some final mixes before the ‘big’ launch

In addition to that, Shimora has started his own food business called Emakhishini. He had flooded his Instagram wall with pictures of the different cuisines asking people to support local also adding contact number. His food business is based in Elamont.

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As focused as he is on his career and business, he is still seen as an abuser by many people. He is trying his level best to change his image and become a better man to his fiancé who he had abused in front of the nation.

He is slowly regaining his image of the Mampintsha from Big Nuz who everyone adored. But a recent video of him and his buddies in-studio landed him in hot water. Mampintsha shared a video of himself in the studio. The smoke in the room is apparent, and the fact that they are mostly topless says it all. However, Shimora in the video can be seen actively trying to prevent his entourage from flouting the alcohol they were consuming. He has since deleted the video.

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