Mass funeral service for victims of Enyobeni tavern tragedy/. Two of the 21 patrons who tragically died at the Enyobeni Tavern in East London will be buried on Wednesday. Nineteen empty coffins will be transported to the Scenery Park Sports Ground where the funeral service will take place.

Mass funeral service for victims of Enyobeni tavern tragedy

President Cyril Ramaphosa is due to attend the service.

Forensic investigators are still examining the evidence that led to the deaths last month.

The procession will carry the 19 empty coffins of those young people who sadly passed away at the Enyobeni Tavern. More of a symbolic funeral in that there are only two burials that will be taking place on Wednesday and 10 other burials will be taking place on Saturday and there will be others on Friday and Sunday.

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The family of the youngest victim of Enyobeni tragedy, Thembinkosi Silwane says they are struggling to cope with his death. The 13-year-old Silwane and 20 other young people died at a tavern at Scenery Park in East London last week. Family spokesperson Nontobeko Ngqandu says Thembinkosi’s mother is still disturbed.

“She is trying to cope with this situation whereas it’s not easy, it’s not easy really but she is trying. Even the family as a whole is not right at all for instance he has got a granny and the granny is sick about this thing,” says Ngqandu.

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