Meet A Good Samaritan Who Returned R9000 That Was Accidentally Sent To Him,  Wandile Ntuli restored South Africans’ faith in humanity when he decided to be honest instead of pocketing money. R9 000 was mistakenly paid into Ntuli’s bank account but he paid back every cent to the rightful owner. His story went viral and South Africans, including Boity, decided to reward him for his honesty.

Wandile Ntuli is the kind of person we all should aspire to be. When R9 000 was mistakenly paid into Ntuli’s account, he did what was right instead of going on a shopping spree. Ntuli – a third year Bachelor of Arts student – was surprised when he saw the large of money had been deposited into his account.

He said:

” I was so surprised and confused at the same time. I was thinking that it might be a scam or something but when I checked my bank balance it was there the R9 000. I think I spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out who sent me this money because I didn’t ask for it from anyone.”

The owner of the money contacted Ntuli and let him know it was an error. Instead of refusing to return the money, the student paid back every cent.

He told Media that the decision to return the money wasn’t hard because that was how he was raised.

He added:

“I was taught not to use something that is not mine and using such a huge amount of money could’ve got me in trouble, since I didn’t know where it comes from. I also go to church and our church’s motto/slogan says, ‘Thembeka uze ufe’ which basically means ‘be trustworthy until you die’.”


Wandile Ntuli inspired South Africans when he did what was right and returned R9 000 that was mistakenly paid into his account. Photos: Supplied. Source: UGC

Ntuli shared the story on social media and he quickly went viral. South Africans were moved by his honesty and they decided to bless him.

He said:

“The reaction from South Africans is really amazing and I wasn’t expecting it. I was just posting something I did out of humanity. It feels amazing, to be honest I wasn’t expecting any donations. Even Boity Thulo sent me something, I’m really amazed by all this. I’m grateful for their donations and they are highly appreciated.”

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Thus far, Saffas have donated R4 000 to Ntuli and he said he is really grateful for it.

Honesty does pay. Ntuli urged other South Africans to follow in his footsteps and always do what is right.

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