Meet The Man Who Is Associated With Big Zulu Who Married One Of The Qwabe Twins. In some delightful, heartwarming news, one half of the South African music duo, the Qwabe Twins, seems to have gotten married in a classy elaborate wedding ceremony.

Meet The Man Who Is Associated With Big Zulu Who Married One Of The Qwabe Twins

The Qwabe twins consist of the talented songbirds, Viggy and Virginia Qwabe.

Photos of the wedding of one of the Qwabe Twins were shared on social media by their mentor, producer DJ Tira of AfroTainmentSA.

Sharing the fantastic news on social media on Wednesday night, DJ Tira wrote

Siyakubongela Wele.

In the beautiful photos, it is unclear which of the twins, DJ Tira walked down the aisle. The other Qwabe Twin also walked her sibling down the aisle.

DJ Tira with Viggy and Virginia Qwabe, popularly known as the Qwabe Twins [Picture: Instagram via DJ Tira]
Qwabe Twins Get Married In Classy Wedding Ceremony?

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At the time of publishing, the name of the groom was yet to be established. However, there is also the possibility that the wedding of the Qwabe twins was part of a shoot for an upcoming music video.

While many social media users congratulated the Qwabe twins on getting married, others expressed scepticism and said this was likely to be a music video.

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