Mom goes viral for covering child’s school books in Checkers Sixty60 bags, Many folks are into sustainable living, whether it means recycling or only buying brands that are environmentally friendly.

Mom goes viral for covering child’s school books in Checkers Sixty60 bags - Video

This mom came up with her own way of reusing her online shopping bags and shared her hack on TikTok.

Local broadcaster and “momtrepreneur” Lebang Kgosana posted a video showing all the paper bags she had accumulated and proceeded to explain how she covered her child’s school books using just the bags and plastic.

Referring to the Checkers Sixty60 bags, Kgosana said, “This texture is perfect; it’s brilliant for this.”

Her son also chipped in and added his personal touch.

We’re not going to lie; the end result was better than we expected. The books ended up looking neat and presentable.

Not everyone agreed, though.

Kgosana’s comments section was littered with mixed reactions, especially when it came to that conspicuous Sixty60 logo.

But the content creator took the remarks in stride. When a parent wrote, “As a child, I would cry 40 days and 40 nights,“ she responded, ”Once my child can start paying the bills – kuzobancono.“

Another joked: “60min of crying and 60 days of grieving, and 60 days of not wanting to take out my books.”

The mom too had an equally funny response: “Are you a rapper? Let’s get you in studio.”

@lebangkgosana My online grocery shopping bags being recycled as we cover some school books!! #BackToSchool #fyp ♬ original sound – #LifeWithLebang

When an online user asked, Why not cover the books with the brown side up, Kgosana answered, “Where is the fun in that?”

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The award-winning broadcaster could be onto something. With the cost of school supplies burning a hole in our pockets, recycling online shopping bags is definitely an option.

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