Mpho from Muvhango is married, See pictures of her husband. Azwimmbavhi Rambau who play a role of No to Ravele on Muvhango is a married woman.

Mpho from Muvhango is married, See pictures of her husband

Azwimmbavhi has been married for about 8 years now, when her late mother was still alive in Venda. She is the 1st born, followed by a brother who is now a king after their father. And a little sister who is currently pursuing her goals at the University as a 3rd year student.

Azwimmbavhi is married to a successful businessman Lucky Litelu. Her husband is a founder of the business clinic, establishes the ICRD Group Holdings where he us the CEO and a chairman. Lucky Litelu is a very private man. Together with his wife off screen. Lucky’s Instagram account is private on Instagram, with few followers.

Azwimmbavhi Rambau or Mrs Litelu plays the role of Mpho Ravele on Muvhango, Who is Tendamudzimu’s wife on tv screen. She was chief Azwindini’s wife when she started acting. But now she’s marriage to her on screen husband Tenda.

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In the other hand, Mrs Litelu shares beautiful pictures of her family from time to time. She is a mother to two beautiful children, a girl who is a first born and a born.

Her relationship with her husband is beautiful. The two look good and happily married.

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