Musa Mseleku who is a polygamist and has his own unscripted TV drama where he shows how he lives with his four spouses called uThando Nesithembu is lamenting himself for taking MaGwabe to be his fourth wife.Musa Mseleku Regrets Marrying His Fourth Wife.

Musa Mseleku Regrets Marrying His Fourth Wife

MaGwabe is the busiest spouse among all different wives in the Museleku’s family. By calling, she is a Nurse and she is likewise contemplating and she isn’t set up to give Mseleku a kid at any point in the near future. Mseleku has suggested that he needs the fifth spouse in his unscripted TV drama.

She has been disclosing to Mseleku that she isn’t prepared to have any kids at any point in the near future as she is occupied. What’s more, she revealed to him that is she needs other youngsters he should consider appropriation since she isn’t occupied.

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Mseleku clarified that he is lamenting his choice to wed her as it is difficult to persuade her. He said on the off chance that he knew before taking would give him so much weight he was not going to wed her.

Mseleku said that he is set up to take the fifth spouse on the grounds that MaKhumalo can consider any kids. Presently MaGwabe has two lovely young ladies with Mseleku.

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