Fans of Uyajola 99 were confused when host Jub Jub took a jar of petroleum jelly he found at a cheater’s home and sniffed it before using it.Jub Jub smelled the Vaseline

Mzansi wants to know why Jub Jub smelled the Vaseline on #Uyajola99

It was business as usual on the controversial show as Jub Jub helped people find out if their partners were cheating on them. Thousands of fans tuned for the typical drama that comes with the often fiery confrontations on the show.Jub Jub smelled the Vaseline

However, none suspected that Jub Jub’s actions would steal the spotlight. Fans were left wondering what Jub Jub was thinking and what his intentions were when he took a jar of Vaseline, sniffed it a few times and then used it on his lips.

All while the show’s participants were bickering in the background about who was cheating on who and why.

The show was over for many viewers after that moment because they were suddenly invested in finding out:

1. “Why did Jub Jub sniff the Vaseline?”

2. “What did sniffing the Vaseline remind Jub Jub of?”

3. “Who randomly sniffs Vaseline?”

4. “What did the Vaseline smell like, and what made him eventually use it?”

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Here are some of their reactions below.

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