Ordinary folk had to stay home with nothing to do during the lockdown. But Mzansi power couple Zakes Bantwini and Nandi Madida made big moves.Nandi Madida opens up about things between her and hubby Zakes Bantwini

Nandi Madida opens up about things between her and hubby Zakes Bantwini

After being married for four years, the couple have decided to hit the studio and make music together.

With the coronavirus lockdown in place, they had enough time to work together because their schedules were not as hectic as usual.

Speaking to SunBuzz, Nandi said: “We were not our usual busy selves, so we had time to collaborate on a song called Organic, which is due for release on 18 September.”

They wanted the collaboration to happen organically. She said they had other projects in the pipeline.

Nandi said: “It’s beautiful to now be able to work together.

“We’ve both enjoyed fruitful careers, but we’re also powerful working together.

“It’s beautiful that we’re able to also work together to achieve the same amount of success we’re able to achieve individually.

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“We didn’t want to force things, as we believe that things need to happen naturally.

“Now we’re ready to build our empire together.”

Nandi, a singer, and actress, said she and her husband’s business and TV projects would be behind the scenes.

“We’re working behind the scenes on our upcoming projects,” she said.

“And this time we’re more involved behind the scenes as opposed to in front.

“It will all be shared soon with everyone.”

Zakes was just as upbeat about working with his beautiful wife.

“We did a song for a movie by Akin Omotoso, Tell Me Sweet Something, so working with my wife again on this project was amazing.

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