N_de video goes viral: Nigerians humiliate n_ked SA women.Some Nigerian men residing in Parklands have humiliated two South African women, this time taking a video of n_ked women in their apartment. The nu_de women pleaded not to have their pictures taken but the Nigerians were having none of it. The women are being accused of stealing the Nigerians Rolex watch.

“Hey shut up, where is my Rolex watch, ” one of the men is heard saying. Do not take a photo,” screams one of the women as their video is being taken. Another man is also heard saying, “didn’t I beg you?” The other woman responded, You did.Nigerians humiliate SA women

The two girls are heard denying that they have stolen the watch. The incident happened as campaigns against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) are intensifying in South Africa of the killing and injuries to women especially during the lockdown.


In another separate Parklands incident, a South African woman was made to Twerk and Str!p for Nigerians in a video that has gone viral.

In both videos, South African men have castigated women for being cheap and willing to be used to get money.

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