The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has condemned the hijacking of its Head of Presidency, Vuyani Pambo. Pambo was allegedly hijacked by three armed men who demanded money outside his mother’s home on Monday night 27 June.

‘No one is safe’: Top EFF official HIJACKED

The EFF said the individuals were three well-built men with masks operated with precision and took Pambo’s vehicle in a quiet and unsuspecting neighbourhood.

The armed men allegedly fled with Pambo’s personal belongings including his passport, identity document, organisational material and other valuables. They then reportedly left the car behind.“It is clear through the manner in which the operation was conducted, that it was premeditated, with the intention of intimidation and securing of certain valuable documents and information.”

The EFF said it is thankful that Pambo was not hurt during the incident and that his child and mother were left unharmed.

The party further said the incident reveals that no one is immune to criminal activity in South Africa.


The EFF recently made bold claims following their Youth Day rally in Vhembe, Limpopo. The Red Berets said that three armed men – who they believe to be government operatives – entered the crowd with an intention to cause ‘deadly harm’.

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EFF officials are taking it all very seriously. There is a genuine concern that leadership figures who were present at the event – including Julius Malema and Mbuyiseni Ndlozi – were targeted by the suspects.

A case has been opened by the police, and the far-left party say they are ‘looking forward’ to following the developments. Remarkably, the EFF are also adamant that the men who entered the rally with rifles had actually been sent by the State Security Agency (SSA) in a political capacity.

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