Ntsiki Mazwai Says She Has Finally Found A Man. Ever since news broke out about the controversial poet, Ntsiki Mazwai being in a new relationship, her Twitter rants have slightly dropped, and she seems like a calmer woman now.

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Yes, Ntsiki Mazwai says she has finally found love, and drunk in love. Ntsiki Mazwai is head over heels with her political analysis and author boyfriend, Botsang Moiloa, who wrote and published the book A Soldier With Just Cause.

Ntsiki’s outspokenness, tenacity, and straight from the shoulder personality is what makes her different from the rest. Such strong women are very sexy but men can find it very hard to keep up with.


Her political analyst bae, Botsang Moiloa, was right beside her and that left her convinced that he is definitely the one for her. Last week she even hinted at changing her surname and we can already see it – Ntsiki Moiloa – has a ring to it.

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Why she’s in Court.


Ntsiki hasn’t spoken about why she’s attending court, but a rumour circulating that DJ Euphonik is her accuser. On March 1, DJ Fresh and Euphonik put a gag order on Ntsiki for calling them rapists on a Twitter list she compiled, her labelling on the two men came after a series of rape allegations were pinned on them by different women.

Ntsiki’s most recent court case

After the poet refused to follow the authority of the gag order from Euphonik and DJ Fresh, she was taken to court by DJ Fresh, and she lost. MacG later interviewed DJ Fresh on Podcast and Chill, and he revealed, Ntsiki spent R200 000 on the court case. The case would’ve ended sooner but, Ntsiki was just too stubborn.


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