Ntsiki Mazwai had a lot to say in her bombshell social media video, and Connie Ferguson and other “dumb as f***” media favourites won’t be happy. Never one to shy away from sharing what she thinks, poet and social activist Ntsiki Mazwai has not minced her words on what she really thinks of local black celebs, Connie Ferguson’s acting, and black excellence.Ntsiki Mazwai throws shade at Connie Ferguson’s acting skills.

In a very intimate video of herself in the bathtub, Ntsiki said The Queen and award-winning actress Connie Ferguson is nothing special.Ntsiki Mazwai throws shade at Connie Ferguson’s acting skills.

“I think she is a pretty girl who is likable and it’s fine. I don’t take anything away from her but I don’t think she’s an amazing actress. Ntsiki fully goes in on black struggles saying that black people are still mentally enslaved and that mentally they are still looking at white people for direction.

“Us black people don’t have agency. When white people say this is your black excellence we go there running, sayink okay guys black excellence shine, shine. Kanti that time it’s not even black excellence. It’s just a black person who was able to lick white people ass because, as you noticed black excellence are all your media faves if you look at it.

“Which ones are speaking about the rights of black people? Which one of your media faves are pushing issues that we know as black people we are struggling with? Land issues, identity issues, which of your faves?”

She then says the “chosen blacks” that sit at the top are picked because they are “stupid” and will keep quiet when racism occurs in the workplace.

“When white people say all that racist shit in the boardroom, they (blacks) will just keep quiet and think of their bellies…

“Until black excellence is speaking for black people I won’t be applauding with you guys. You can call me a hater every single day, I don’t care. As long as your black excellence is wearing white people’s hair and twanging, I am sorry I won’t come to that.”

Black excellence has been defined for and by the culture. It is the mindset to look within oneself, and act in ways that help and progresses black communities.

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Ntsiki says her definition of black excellence is black people fighting for black people, fighting for the land and economy, not about the “bag” (money).

She further explains that black excellence is currently white defined and self-serving.

“Your faves are not my faves. In fact, I think your faves are weak in character and weak in mind. They are self-serving. There is nothing excellent in being a millionaire while your people are suffering.”

Explaining that people who find her comments problematic can not tolerate individual opinions. She adds that black excellence also shouldn’t be defined by media publications and which black celebrities they love.

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Some fans agreed, while others begged to differ.


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