Operation Dudula allegedly harrases and evicts XiTsonga and Pedi people in Alex – Watch. Operation Dudula has done havoc in South African township communities after targeting foreigners and foreign-owned businesses.

Operation Dudula allegedly harrases and evicts XiTsonga and Pedi people in Alex – Watch

Recent reports allege they harrassed a xiTsonga family and threatened to evict them from their RDP house after mistaking their identity for Zimbabweans.

The movement vows to be searching for foreigners operating businesses, working, and staying in townships illegally. They then forcefully evict such people.

There has been a number of clashes between the pressure groups and defiant foreigners.

Several people were left injured on Monday 7 March, following clashes between South Africans and foreign nationals in Johannesburg’s Alexandra Township.

Foreign support groups have blamed the South African government for having a blind eye towards this xenophobic movement.

The ANC-led South African government has not officially condemned the barbaric acts in the townships.

But the main opposition, DA called on all foreigners to be given an amnesty to allow them to regularise their stay or return home unmolested. They also said that the foreign nationals are being unfairly targeted and scapegoated for SA’s high unemployment rates.

A recent video trending on social media suggests that the pressure groups responsible for Operation Dudula are not only targeting foreigners from the townships but are going after their own kind too.

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It has been alleged that minority ethnic groups including sePedi and xiTsonga are being targeted in Alexandra townships.

A SABC journalist on Twitter sensationally claimed that from the video, a young girl was being forcefully evicted from her family’s RDP house.

Watch the video below:


Unconfirmed reports also claim that these minority groups, which have almost similar language semantics to the Zimbabwean Shona language are being mistaken for foreigners.

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