Pabi Moloi Says Her Ex Husband Demanded His 25k Rands Lobola After A Month Of Marriage. Television and radio personality Pabi Moloi has gone to court to challenge her ex-partner’s claims that they were married in community of property, and that he is entitled to half of her multimillion-rand estate after the collapse of their marriage.

Pabi Moloi Says Her Ex Husband Demanded His 25k Rands Lobola After A Month Of Marriage

Moloi filed papers in the Joburg high court in which she is pleading with the court to declare that there was no union between her and her baby daddy, Ruan Adams, and therefore he was not entitled to half of her lucrative assets.

Sunday World in April reported that Adams claimed that he paid R25 000 lobola for Moloi and because their marriage has disintegrated, he was entitled to half of her estate.

The estate includes a house in Broadacres in Fourways; a house in Noordwyk, Midrand; a house in Elton Hill and in Edenburg in Sandton; and two houses in Waverley.

The estate also includes a white Jeep Cherokee, grey Suzuki, household furniture, her shares, pension funds, investments and savings.

He said the assets should be sold and the proceeds shared equally, or she could buy him out by paying him half of the value of each property after evaluation by a registered valuer.

He also wants the former YFM radio show host to pay him R8  500 spousal maintenance a month so that he can continue to live the luxurious lifestyle he led during their marriage.

Adams said he has the wedding pictures to prove their union.

He said on the wedding day blankets were handed over, traditional beer was consumed, the families danced and Moloi’s grandmother made a speech before handing her over as makoti.

In the court papers, which we have seen, Moloi said she did not wed Adams and asked the court to dismiss his application with costs.

Moloi admitted that Adams paid R25 000 as mahadi or lobola for her but she said he failed to commit himself to the relationship and only intermittently stayed at her home for a few weeks.

She said the court should also take into cognisance the circumstances that led to the end of their marriage and Adams’s misconduct.

She said he abused her financially and failed to contribute in any meaningful way to the expenses of the joint household.

She said Adams harassed and embarrassed her privately and publicly and was exceedingly jealous and possessive of her and this caused her emotional stress and pain.

“The plaintiff would, without just cause, question the paternity of the child born to both parties,” read the papers.

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Moloi further said Adams also attempted to manipulate and abuse her with threats of suicide. She added that after their acrimonious argument on May 30 2016, Adams demanded his R25 000 lobola back.

“The plaintiff acted in an emotional, unregulated manner throughout the relationship between the parties, displayed severe mood swings and subjected the defendant to unprovoked aggressive and destructive outbursts, and later in some instances displayed aggressive and destructive outbursts in front of the child.”

Moloi sad she has lost interest in Adams and that they have not been sexually intimate for more than five years.

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