TV personality Papa Penny came guns blazing on Instagram telling people to tell EFF CIC Julius Malema to stay the hell away from him.

Papa Penny took to Instagram to post a video telling Julius Malema that he is member of the ANC and that he should stop mentioning his name at his rallies.

“Ahee, Julius Malema. Now you are starting a wrong button, you are pressing the wrong button. When you go to your rally, leave Penny Penny alone. I am a member of ANC and I am not a member of EFF. Why you tell people that I am not educated? Because you went and fake your education and you adopted the western language, you think you’re clever? You think all South Africans went to school? When I was born (there was) no school.

“You don’t know my history. Leadership like you that laughs at people because they didn’t go to school… I’m not like you.” he said on the video.

Source : Daily Sun


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