Patrick Shai died a heartbroken man – Sad details emerge as his wife, Masechaba is exposed for cheating on him.

Patrick Shai died a heartbroken man – Sad details emerge as his wife, Masechaba is exposed for cheating on him

Shocking new details have emerged surrounding the passing of veteran actor Patrick Shai. A local publication reports the actor died a heartbroken man and he refused to spend even a night at his home the night before he allegedly decided to take his own life.

Shai’s family and his widow Masechaba Shai, are allegedly at loggerheads over alleged cheating allegations levelled against her. Apparently, the family is divided, as they accuse his widow of cheating on him with a doctor, an accusation Masechaba has denied.

The family wants DNA tests to prove that her children are Shai’s. It is reported that Masechaba is willing to undergo DNA testing to prove that Shai is the father of the children.

According to the Sunday World Masechaba received messages accusing her of cheating and apparently, her son was the product of the alleged affair. However, the pair has accused Shai’s ex-girlfriend Sihle Sibisi of sending the message.

Sibisi has also denied the accusations saying she also received the same messages. “The allegations that his mother was abusing his father and that Patrick did not want to sleep at the house the day before his death was relayed to me by Sechaba himself and Patrick’s best friend. They must leave me out of this,” said Sihle in a statement.

Shai’s son told the publication that Sibisi started having an affair with his father a few days before his passing. Adding to the story, he revealed that she asked him to live with her after he had some misunderstandings with his mother, and that she cheated on him after moving in. In addition, Shai’s son relates that Sibisi once attacked him after a heated argument at their house.
“As I was packing my clothes, she locked all the doors in a bid to prevent me from leaving,” he says, adding that he had to leave through the garage door.

“As I was opening the door, she was reversing her car and bumped me on my lower left leg as I was walking towards the gate,” he told the publication.

After that, he filed a complaint at the Sandton police station against Sibisi. Shai’s widow is headed to court to prove that Sibisi was behind the messages.


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The actor died on Saturday, 22 January. According to reports, Shai’s wife found him dead in the garage at their Dobsonville home. Speaking at his memorial service, Masechaba said he was no saint and advised her children to be unfazed by what people speculate about.

“My kids, don’t take serious what people say about your father because you know him. He was no saint. I am not a saint and you are also not innocent but still, he was a human being. South Africa, let us forgive because God forgives all of us all the time.

“I am not an actor, I am a realist. I am not a robot but a human being. I am not crying but crying for my kids and I don’t know how are they going to recover from this. Patrick was like a child, he played a lot. I called him Ntwana,” she said.

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