Pearl Thusi Will NOT Support Zola 7. There is a rallying cry for Mzansi to come together and support Zola 7 in his alleged tough times. But Pearl Thusi has made it clear that she has not forgotten his controversial past.

Pearl Thusi Will NOT Support Zola 7

Rumours recently emerged that Kwaito legend and TV personality Zola 7 has been struggling financially and is not even able to take care of his children. Even though some people who say they are close to him have refuted these rumours, his fans are adamant about helping him out anyway as a token of appreciation for all he has done for the music industry and for the less fortunate in SA.

But even as fans rally together there has been a suspicious silence from other celebrities. Social media users have started calling them out, saying that if something terrible were to happen to Zola right now, they would all start tweeting about him and posting old photos of them together. They figure this is hypocritical as they are all silent now that Zola needs help, allegedly.

But Pearl has addressed these remarks head-on. She says that his situation is more complicated because of his gender-based violence allegations in the past.


It’s unclear whether she means that his past makes few celebrities want to be associated with him, or whether it means that the society is yet to forgive him. One fan has suggested that she means the media ruined his reputation, which is what started his downfall.–V0j0L10kkXvjQ




Pearl has split the timeline in two. She has been attacked as a hypocrite because she is still friends with DJ Euphonik, and publicly too, even though he had the same accusations leveled against him.

She has also been asked whether his past means he will never be forgiven in the public eye. Even Jub Jub is catching heat. According to fans, if Jub Jub can be forgiven for recklessly getting some kids killed, then surely Zola 7 can be forgiven too.


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Other fans feel like Zola 7 does not deserve to play victim now. Apparently there have been even more allegations of abuse as recently as last year, so he certainly does not deserve sympathy as he hasn’t changed.


Some fans feel personally slighted by the actress’s insinuations. They have said that she should have had this conversation out. “If you have nothing good to say don’t say anything,” she has been reminded.


But Pearl has never been one to censor her thoughts and we all know it.

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