Shoplifting is one of the issues that South Africa faces at all retail stores. People always do things that you would assume they they are capable of as they do them for different reasons.People left speechless after a security searched a pregnant woman and this is what they found on her.

People left speechless after a security searched a pregnant woman

A pregnant lady did the unthinkable as she found her self as the center of attention in a retail store after a security guard suspected that she could be hiding something. The Lady went into a retail store and pretend to buy somethings but she ended up caught in action as they suspected her.

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The pregnant lady tried by all means not to be searched as she pretended that she was getting sick when the security wanted to search her. Knowing that she’s heavily pregnant she thought she would get away with it, but failed as when they searched her they found expensive alcohol on her.

It seems the security cameras picked her up as she was hiding the alcohol on her. However people didn’t feel sorry for her as they were so frustrated that insteaded of her stealing something useful for her unborn baby she decided to steal alcohol which could be harmful to her baby as pregnant ladies should not drink.

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