A 16-year-old girl was stabbed to death in Hammanskraal today, 26 November 2021. Gontse Malatji Was reportedly stabbed nine times by her 22 year old boyfriend, Ntateko Masha. The tragic incident occurred in Stinkwater, Hammanskraal. R.I.P. Gontse She Was Stabbed 9 Times By Her Boyfriend

R.I.P. Gontse She Was Stabbed 9 Times By Her Boyfriend

According to witnesses it is alleged that the victim was involved in an argument with her killer inside shack that was locked, they later heard her screaming for help then by the time people went to help her…it was discovered that she had already been killed.

Gender based violence affects a lot of South African women and nothing is being done regarding this, the government should act decisively because women are dying in the hands of men.

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A lot of men are getting away with beating up and killing woman, the government should at least introduce a death penalty so that these criminals can be dealt with the way they are supposed to be. It was not stated if this guy has been arrested or not, but many people are hoping that he has and must not get any bail.

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