Skeem Saam’s Celia has been gleaming and gaining weight recently and fans are contemplating whether she’s pregnant or has a renewed person, all things considered. Reason Why Skeem Saam’s Celia Kunutu Is Glowing And Gaining Weight

Reason Why Skeem Saam's Celia Kunutu Is Glowing And Gaining Weight

We realize that she doesn’t have a renewed person on the show since she’s actually hitched to Meneer Magongwa. We likewise realize that she got separated from her injurious spouse, all things considered, which at that point brings my next inquiry…
Does she have a renewed person in her life or is it she just joyfully putting on weight?

When ladies leave harmful relationships or connections, they begin shining, putting on weight, and get a renewed outlook. Enhle Mbali like Celia Kunutu- Magongwa is an ideal model.

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Shoki Sebotsana(now Shoki Mmola) who plays Celia Kunutu and Enhle Mbali has consistently been dainty ladies who comply with their spouses. Once in a while these men direct what you ought to resemble, what you ought to eat, and who you ought to communicate with in view of their weaknesses.

We know from a few sources that Enhle wasn’t evidently permitted to do kissing scenes and took off from representing years when she was hitched.

We realize that Shoki Mmola used to lay down with a blade under her pad since she dreaded her better half would murder her or their youngsters.

At the point when you live under such conditions, food and your wellbeing are the last things that is important and the main individual you’re attempting to please is your harmful accomplice.

Viewers love her new hairdo and her sparkle, weight gain in contrast with the little Celia Kunutu that we’ve been utilized to. There’s been no word from Shoki Mmola or Skeem Saam to affirm whether the entertainer is for sure pregnant yet.

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