Remember the couple that got married at the age of 16 in 2018. It has been almost four years since the young couples got married, siyacela Msomi and Thando Dlamuka were at the age of sixteen when they tired the knot.

Remember the couple that got married at the age of 16 in 2018

MojaLove channel 157 hosted a show which was about these young couples journey, called Isencane Lengane.That is how MojaLove viewers got a chance to know the story of the teenagers getting married at the age of sixteen.

A photo was taken during the interview for the show Isencane Lengane.

They were still in high school when they decided to take their relationship into the next step,which was to get married.Their families were not too sure of this decision as they were still young and not aware of what they were getting their self info.Everyone has their rights we know but it is scares for teenagers to get married without being forced into it.

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They were too sure of their self and promised to pursue their dreams while being together in marriage, They were also being supported by both their families after Siyacela family went and meet with the Dlamuka family to ask for hand in marriage, and these families made sure to follow the traditional way of doing things for their children.

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