SAD pics of a pregnant 12 year old gets people talking. There are pictures of a girl trending on twitter for being pregnant at 12. These pictures were first posted by @AviweN captioned ‘Pregnant at 12’.

SAD pics of a pregnant 12 year old gets people talking

People are shocked, they wonder how she is going to give birth since the process is painful. Some even think c-section is the best for her.

Others are shocked that a 12year old is already having sex. They want to know the age of the father.

“I was thinking to myself that i will get married at the age of 45 to a 25 year old. Things aren’t looking bright. By the time she reaches 25, she will be a single mother of 2.” Said @Emkay_Africa.


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“This is wrong, my daughter is 12 and everyday I preach to her to make the right choices because i don’t want to be grandmother right now.” Said @Thully_Ntuli.


“Too many rights without responsibilities. Parents can’t discipline children because constitution will label it abuse.” Said @Manuel.

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