From living large at an early age to poverty when life hit her hard, then to living her best dream as Fikile on SABC 1’s most watched soapie, Uzalo. Nelisa Mchunu has really lived.Sad Reasons Why Uzalo’s Fikile Couldn’t Finish School In Real Life

Sad Reasons Why Uzalo’s Fikile Couldn’t Finish School In Real LifeThe 27-year-old vivacious actress joined Uzalo back in 2016 and has been killing at her role as Sbu’s girlfriend. No wonder she has managed. To score herself a permanent role on the soapie despite the fact that she only stepped into limelight in 2016.

The two’s dubious schemes have always brought out the humorous side of Uzalo.

Speaking to Move! some time ago, Nelisa narrated an emotional piece on how she got to be who she is today.

She really made lemonade out of lemons life threw at her.

Nelisa says she was raised by her single mom because her father – who did not live with them – died when she was only 4 years old.

Her nice life in KwaZulu Natal’s surbubs was shortlived after she was forced, at the age of 8, to move to the townships in Inanda.

Talk about the fall from grace!

This was due to financial problems her mom faced at that time.

“It was a difficult situation to adjust to. I had to wake up at 4:30 am in the morning just so I can get to school on time. I also had to use public transport when I was used to my mom dropping me off and picking me up. I had to stop my sports activities because I’d get home late when using the bus, ” she told the publication.

Nelisa has always been picked among many of Mzansi celebrities who have made in life despite not having sound educational certificates.

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These are part of the sad reasons why she did not finish school.

After her Matric, Nelisa enrolled at the University of Witwatersrand (Wits) to do media studies. But that wasn’t her first choice.

She had already developed a love for drama in high school.

But her mom did not approve. She then settled for Media Studies because it wasn’t far from what she wanted to study.

Unfortunately, life came down crushing on her yet again. This time totally forcing her out of school.

Her mom’s financial woes started again, resulting in Nelisa dropping out of school to settle for being a waitress at a local food outlet.

Because of her love for drama and luck on her side, not forgetting her talent; Nelisa’s dream finally came true when she was called for auditions as an extra on SABC 3’s Isidingo.

And this was the beginning of her sweet career she has enjoyed till date.

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