“She Must Be Arrested”- Mzansi Reacts To A Woman Who Beats Up Her Man For Not Having Money.

“She Must Be Arrested”- Mzansi Reacts To A Woman Who Beats Up Her Man For Not Having Money

In today’s South Africa, gender-based vio_ence is an issue. People also hear tales of the rapes of women and their husbands kill women, and although it is rare for women to kill men, it happens. A woman is seen in a widely viral video waiting in tune with her husband in what seems to be a food establishment.

When the man bought food, the girl wanted to pay for it, but rather he remained there. This annoyed the woman who started to question the man about the money. Then she looked for the money from his wallet, but twice she hit him in the face when she couldn’t find it.

She continued to ask where it was and insulted him as she screamed at him, and told everyone how irritated it was. He continued to tell her he had no money, but she refused to believe him, and insisted he did.

Oddly enough, nobody tried to keep her from shielding this guy from the physical and emotional abuse he received from his lover.

GBV is a serious crime and pandemic and people should remember that men, as well as women, are kidnapped and murdered, and must be secured in a world where both women and children are killed everyday.

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One user from Twitter pointed out that the food business would interfere if the man had retaliated or even if the woman were slapped, but because it was a man, the food business would have ignored.

The government should protect its citizens fairly regardless of gender, ethnicity or financial status. The same laws that apply to men and women who are abusers of women and children should be applied to women and children.


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