Shock as Bahumi rejects Somizi’s ancestors. South African media personality Somizi Mhlongo is refusing to give his daughter, Bahumi Madisakwane, his surname. This as Bahumi does not believe in ancestors while Somizi does.

Shock as Bahumi rejects Somizi’s ancestors

In the eighth episode of Living the Dream with Somizi, Bahumi made it clear that she did not believe in ancestors.

“I don’t believe in engaging with my ancestors. I’ve always respected it and whenever there’s a ceremony, I’m there to help. I do it because I honour you and respect your culture. It’s not necessarily something I believe in. We believe in different things and in this sense, it’s about me. I want to do things my way. I know you and my mother want me to do things customarily, but I don’t want to,” she said.

Initially, Somizi appeared to be understanding.“I’ll never decide what you do with your life because it’s your life and you need to be happy.

When it comes to tradition and culture, I will not impose anything on you because I respect other people’s beliefs. You’re an adult. But one day, you will look back and say: ‘He was right’, and you will throw away the Bible,” he said.

Somizi said back in the day, he used to be like Bahumi.
“I used to be like you and I attended church, but life humbled me. When ancestors call your name, they leave you with no choice. Whether you believe in them or not, they play a part in your life. You might not be aware of it. They could be protecting, guiding and blessing you, and you might not be noticing it. But one day, they will give you a rude wake-up call for disrespecting them. That’s when you’ll realise that ancestors are real,” he said.

He then told Bahumi that a change of surname was not a matter of choice.

“You don’t just change a surname. We need to talk to the ancestors so you can be formally introduced and welcomed. We’ll have to find common ground where we can both be comfortable. I obviously want to change your surname, but it’s not going to be on your terms.

Ancestors will be angry at me. They’ll ask me why I never consulted with them. So I’ll have to consult with them on your behalf,” said Somizi.

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But Bahumi said: “Tell the ancestors I don’t want to. They should understand.”

And Somizi insisted that Bahumi could not have the Mhlongo surname unless she followed tradition.

“She cannot have her bread buttered on both sides. She will not get the surname unless a traditional ceremony is done. She cannot steal the surname.”

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