Shocking tree muthi ritual.Two dolls and two toy cars tied to a tree, with wires and okapis stuck through the dolls’ hearts, have shocked social media users. Izangoma told the publication it could be a ritual to hurt someone.

Shocking tree muthi ritual

“The person who did this might be planning to use muthi to have the person die in a car accident or be stabbed,” said sangoma Lonwabo Mqungwana (57). “They put muthi inside the dolls and speak out about what they want to happen as part of the ritual. Whoever they are targeting must quickly get help with strong muthi to protect themselves.”

Sangoma Mavusi Gqola said it could be someone trying to trap a cheating partner. “This could be used to have the 4-5 of the man cheating on his wife to become weak.”
Sangoma Nombeko Molosiwa (51) said the dolls weren’t tied to the tree by kids.

“The okapis are new. Someone went to buy these to perform rituals. There is muthi inside the dolls. The person being targeted needs to consult a powerful sangoma soon.”

Facebook user Nto Mazibuko said: “They are spells for someone to die in a car crash or to stab each other. It’s more of a curse. Kunamagama abantu ngaphezulu kwalabo doll.”

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Ma-Jozi Semela said: “They did that in my office. But God and idlozi lam’ blocked them. I found the kak in my office. I had a short prayer and threw them into a dam far away.”

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