Shots fired! Jub Jub Shades Kelly Khumalo .Fresh off the premiere of Life Of Kelly Khumalo, the singer’s ex, Jub Jub, shared a tweet which fans couldn’t help but link to the show.

Shots fired!  Jub Jub Shades Kelly Khumalo

The new series saw musician, Kelly Khumalo, explaining her tumultuous relationship with her baby daddy, Jub Jub, and even stated in a recent tweet that he does not make an effort to spend any time with their kids.Jub Jub Shades Kelly Khumalo

The pair have been known to have a rocky relationship for many years, which resulted in Kelly gaining full custody of their children. In a post shared on Thursday, 6 August 2020, a few hours after the premiere, Jub Jub stated, “It must be hard putting make up on your two faces every day.”

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His followers were quick to react to his words, with many questioning him on if he was talking about Kelly. Shannon Menzi commented with, “The most savage post ever! We all know this is all about his messy baby mama drama.”

Jub Jub even shared an image of himself smiling widely, captioned with, ”
Look what I look like while you talk sh*t….”.

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