Skeem Saam Actor goes broke after spending R2m in 2 months. For the past few weeks, viewers of the soapie drama Skem Saam have been enjoying what they have been watching.

Skeem Saam Actor goes broke after spending R2m in 2 months

The television drama has been providing viewers with so much entertaining content and is mainly focusing on the life of the young physiotherapist, Eunice.

Eunice is a young girl from Turfloop who enjoys soft life, and when she finally got hired at Turfloop hospital, she wanted to achieve so much for herself in her life but realised her salary would not be enough to keep up with her lifestyle.

She hit the jackpot when she found out that Fanie, her ex-boyfriend, stole some money from his former boss, Lehasa, and had it hidden, which she was able to find someone to access and she instantly became a millionaire.

Eunice’s life changed drastically, and she is currently living her best life and spending money like there is no tomorrow. She has also made new friends and treated those who she has known for the longest time badly, claiming that they are now jealous because she has money.

Eunice has been spending so much money that many of the skeem saam viewers are wondering if she is going broke yet. But coming up this week on skeem saam, it seems like Eunice’s broken days are near and it might just end up in tears for her.

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In Monday’s episode, Eunice will strike gold again on a risky bet. It will seem like the executive’s life is taking another turn for the best.

In Tuesday’s episode, while high, Eunice will discover that she has a talent for music and it might be where she is headed with her career.

In Wednesday’s episode, Eunice might be close to her breaking point and will be left in shock when she sees how much money she is left with. Is the executive’s era over? Watch Skeem Saam to find out.

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