#SkeemSaam : Finally Kwaito’s father is revealed. We first assumed Kwaito was Maputla’s son but later learned Seakamela suspected Pretty was not his child but DNA proved otherwise.

#SkeemSaam : Finally Kwaito’s father is revealed

While Seakamela family is grieving for the passing of Ntate Seakamela, Charity revealed Zamokuhle’s father is still alive.He must go and look for him, The Seakamela family including MaNtuli misinterpreted Charity’s statement and Zamokuhle assumed Seakamela is still alive their stepmother lied about his passing. What charity was actually saying is that Zamokuhle’s is not the Seakamela.

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As a result of this confusion, Fans concluded by saying Zamokuhle’s father might be Wallet, judging from poetry and writing talent they both have as father and son. The paternity problem led Zamokuhle into doing DNA test that also prove that Charity was right all along he is not the Seakamela but… Unknown.

Guys let’s check what will happen on May 2021 regarding this problem.

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