Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung’s fans and followers have lashed out at the star for describing his friends as “poor”.

Somizi breaks Fans’ hearts with ‘hello poor people’ joke

Somgaga posted a video on Twitter of his holiday at a nature reserve in Ematendeni where he and his friends are currently glamping.

In the video, Somizi was standing on the top of a treehouse looking down on his friends. He then screamed out jokingly to them from up above “hello poor people”.

But Twitter users were not amused.

One user, @mavsipho, said: “Yoh, poor people. that is so mean and degrading. never expected that from you, thought u encourage n motivate people. but with all the headlines u making lately, I can believe it. disappointing”. (sic).

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The “Idols SA” judge quickly responded to the comment, saying: “Are u in that video … are u one of my friends down there who are not offended by the joke … why are u personalising this … heal pls … what and who ur has nothing to do with me”.

This infuriated tweeps even further.

@CIOSASMI said: “That hello poor people struck my heart am heartbroken especially knowing that i dont have anything to buy for my newly born baby”.

However, @Mangwelicious1 said: “We are materially poor indeed SomG but rich in spirit.We are grateful for the little we have dear and we are also happy that you have really made it in life and we pray for more blessings upon your life. Enjoy SomG”.

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