While the nation was celebrating the joys of mother’s day, Mzansi’s favorite darling, Somizi Mhlongo ended up having his day almost ruined by a tweeter user who made fun of his mum’s aging. Somizi Mhlongo’s mother is renowed actress Mary Twala and is currently 80 years.

The tweeter user, posted an image of Somizi Mhlongo, Mohale and their respective mothers with the caption, “Imagine if @somizi would age like his mom, poor mohale_motaung.

Somizi Mhlongo’s Mother Dragged By Twitter Over Her Old Age

The tweeter user, who goes by the handle @Andrielmolobel3 deleted the tweet.

Tweeps were quick to pick up the offensive Tweet with one user commenting : Came across a tweet of someone making fun & disrespecting Somizi’s mom because of her aging. Honestly I’m hurt guys, i’m sorry mother of the nation for being disrespected by this kid. You are loved.

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The blantant disrespect did not sit well with Somizi who gracefully replied to the tweet, prompting his legion of fans to support him and launch an attack on the twitter user. Replying to the tweet, Somizi wrote : “let me engage u…. I am proudly gonna age like my mom…..happy and content….just wish yo mom reaches my mom’s age ….and I used the word poor in a wrong sentence……coz mohale wont be….I hope it’s not the case with u and yo gorgeous ageless mom…..u can now unfollow”. The tweet was retweeted over 5000 times with Somizi’s fans offering their support and applauding him for how he handled the situation.

An infuriated Somizi further went to challenge the poster to show his flawless mother to the public, tweeting : dont play with fire if u leave in a thatch house…..I wud use the glass house idiom but I doubt u even know the feeling of living in such a house. Now show me yo sexy flawless mom… with my mom I’ll fetch u papa..I’ll be a straat mate.

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