Somizi’s Daughter Bahumi Looks Identical To Her Mother.Sometimes it’s difficult to spot the difference especially if you are looking at their throwback pictures, whilst it’s normal for a daughter to resemble their parents by nature, one can easily tell that Somizi Mhlongo’s daughter is unquestionably Palesa Madisakwane’s ‘twin’.

The 25-year-old who is astonishingly humble considering she is the daughter to Mzansi’s flashiest celebrity has already made her entertainment debut on the show keeping score which screens on SABC. Not only has she inherited her father’s talent but Bahumi Madisakwane is a beauty with brains. The aspiring actress graduated from Varsity College with a BCom in Law and has hosted the successful Kulcha Couture Fashion Show.

Bahumi Madisakwane however does shy away from media attention unless it is work-related as she prefers to maintain a private lifestyle despite coming from a very influential household, which is not the norm with star kids of this decade. This may be an attribute of her upbringing as she was mostly raised by her mother Palesa Madisakwane who has kept her roots in the industry calm and grounded. While she strives to step out of her father’s shadow the hardworking actress has already starred in roles alongside Saint Seseli and Sonia Mbele.

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Aside from being a role model for young girls her age, Bahumi also sheds light and spread awareness about an incurable skin disease which she has called lymphedema, which causes swelling in arms or legs and generally accompanied by pain and discomfort. While the disease remains misdiagnosed as a large population does not know what it is… sharing her story with her fans despite being in a vulnerable state has inspired those suffering from lymphedema that there is hope and they are not alone in their plight.

Bahumi Madisakwane is certainly the young star to keep an eye on as she continues to pave her way in the entertainment industry.

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