South African Undergraduate Arrives Her Matric Dance In A Coffin. A south African undergraduate has been spotted at the entrance scene of her school coming out of a Coffin which was supposed to make her have a grand entrance for recognition into the school.

South African Undergraduate Arrives Her Matric Dance In A Coffin

A high school girl left her home in a casket as she was captured on the micro-blogging site, Instagram making a way into her higher institution.

The South African undergraduate, was seen on Instagram, lying comfortably in the casket, while the undertakers with her were seen lifting the cover of the coffin, took her by the hand, helped her up and out of the casket, to her feet.



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Making a grand entrance to her matriculation day celebrated by the higher institution to welcome new students as they resume for their academic calendar, the young undergraduate drew a large number of audience to herself during the matriculation day online.

Reacting to the post on Instagram, some expressed disappointment , while others blew up in anger, condemning the act as out of place.

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