South Africans laugh at actress Khanya Mkangisa’s boyfriend J Molley and this is why. There is no rest in these streets for our poor Mzansi celebs, especially Khanya Mkangisa and rapper J Molley. After their relationship raised a few eyebrows, a video of Molley dancing at a party has gone viral. Tweeps have been making fun of his dance moves.

South Africans laugh at actress Khanya Mkangisa’s boyfriend J Molley and this is why

The two lovebirds went live on Instagram last night and were looking all cute together, instead of everyone celebrating their cuteness, the nation was divided once again as to whether what Khanya is doing is right or not. Considering that DJ Maphorisa was vilified and shamed for dating 19-year-olds just yesterday, some Tweeps were calling for the same energy to be applied with these two love-birds.

Social media tweeps even dragged Zodwa Wabantu’s name into the mix saying that society has accepted Zodwa’s ways of dating younger men but are putting Maphorisa on blast and calling him a sexual predator. There seems to be a double-standard when it comes to these two issues of older people dating people younger than them, there still isn’t a clear age where the line can be drawn.

Funny enough, a month ago model/actress Khanya Mkangisa and up-and-coming rapper J Molley made headlines when pictures of the two all cosy went viral. Social media came after the two of them because tweeps were not in favour of the alleged relationship because of the age difference. After celebrating her 31st birthday she posted pictures and videos of her and J Molley kissing and all over each other. She got slammed because Molley was 21 at the time, making her 10 years older than J Molley.

Instead of Khanya denying the claims she shoved the middle finger to everyone who talked negatively about the two of them. While J Molley spoke out about the relationship saying there was nothing going on between them.

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Well…judging from their video, there is definitely something going on between the two and they may have become braver to share their relationship because of what happened with DJ Maphorisa yesterday.

A lot of people have come out to defend the two citing that their age difference is different from that of Maphorisa and his 19-year-olds, luckily one tweep pointed out that the two first met in 2018 and the age difference at the time was exactly the same as with Maphorisa and his slay queens.

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