Teen Mom Passes Matric Year for Her Adorable Twin Daughters.  A video of a young mother holding her twin daughters in her arms has gone viral on social media In the TikTok post, the mother, Tiffany Khan, opens up about passing her matric year for her babies.

Teen Mom Passes Matric Year for Her Adorable Twin Daughters

Mom juggles babies and books

The young mother of two took to social media to share how she dedicated her matric year to her twin daughters.

In a TikTok video, she is seen holding her two adorable daughters as she shared that there wasn’t a single exam that she wrote where she wasn’t thinking about her girls.

Mzansi shows young mom love

Doing well in your matric is already challenging, and to face those challenges with two babies in need of your care and attention – and still succeed – is an achievement of its own, worthy of applause. Many netizens were touched by Tiffany’s post and reacted with heartfelt comments praising her for being a good mother despite unfavourable circumstances.

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Liesle Everts responded: “Congratulations to you and Deago ❤️.”

patriciafilander said: “Congratulations to the strongest woman ❤️.

” jay_mey00 replied: “I know I’m not the only one watching this video like 10 times over I’m super proud of you✨️❤️❤️congratulations ones again.”

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