The 15 year old accused is not safe in her parents care should remain in the youth centre.The past week mzansi has been in turmoil after the video of Lufuno being bullied by her school mates.

The 15 year old accused is not safe in her parents care should remain in the youth centre

What was more puzzling was that she was being bullied because she defended her self on social media, they made it seem it was wrong for her to say she is or were beautiful. Lufuno then blocked her bully and the bully felt Lufuno had no right to do that even though it was Lufuno’s facebook profile and she had every right to choose who should be a part of her social media pages.

This ordeal led to Lufuno committing s_uicide and left a court case for her bully. On the on going trial today the state argued that the accused shouldn’t be granted bail as she was not safe in her parent’s care. The 14 year old girl should remain in custody.

Isn’t it amazing that the accused wasn’t the only one there, however she is the only one recorded assaulting Lufuno. In the video one of the girls was having a verbal fight with Lufuno however she’s not mentioned anywhere not even once. When the accused was assaulting Lufuno, there were people laughing and chanting, however now only one faces the music and her whole life has changed for the worst and will forever be known a bully that led someone to commit s_uicide.

This should be a great lesson to teenagers, or pupils who are still in school, your life is about you and only you, never make a decision based on whose rooting for you. Bad behaviour doesn’t reward good results. A bad decision can change your whole life at the blink of an eye. Always avoid making bad decisions.

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The state’s argument is understandable given that people are still angry at the accused, her life should be taken to consideration. In all truth she’s still a child herself and hasn’t realised the impact of her actions even though they led to someone’s death. Her facebook posts after the incidents made that vividly visible.

However bullying is absolutely wrong, but we really dont want to lose another soul based on this issue. People should try to help this young girl as she is still a child herself. How do we break the chain, as long as a community we are handling this issue with anger we are perpetuating the situation, we are low key bullying the accused.

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