The Black Door Tlof Tlof Scene With Linda Sebezo Goes Viral. The Black Door viewers praised Linda Sebezo for slaying her character in the new show that is receiving rave reviews online Linda, who is a seasoned actress, portrays the role of Mam Rebs, who is in love with a young guy that’s cheating on her Somizi’s ex-bae Mohale Motaung, made a guest star appearance on the telenovela and the show’s fans are wondering who the next guest star will be.

The Black Door Tlof Tlof Scene With Linda Sebezo Goes Viral

The Black Door trended on social media after another spicy episode. The viewers of the telenovela praised actress Linda Sebezo for slaying her role.

She plays the character of Rebecca, aka Mam Rebs, in the soapie. Mam Rebs is in love with a “Ben 10” and many fans just love the way she brings her character to life.

The Black Door is dubbed Mzansi’s Emmanuelle as it depicts graphic scenes which involve sex workers.

Black Brain stated that they spent a lot of time with sex workers, coming to understand them before the show was established.


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“We didn’t just want to do a sex scene, but tell stories. We came to understand that when they go to places that I’ve never been to, it’s their place of work.”

“For example, people have relationships at work, but what does a relationship look like between two sex workers?”

Mam Rebs on the Black Door real name is Linda Sebezo. She is South African Actress, Dancer, Singer and Director. Her date of birth is on 11th November 1964, age 57 years old. Born and raised from Rockville in Soweto, South Africa. She had 20 cousins at their house, although they didn’t have much, they were happy together.

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