Ever since Jackie Phamotse went live on Instagram to allege that some wealthy and successful celebrities use black magic and snakes to acquire their fortunate. South Africans have been left puzzled by this and question whether our idols got to where they are today through hard work or there’s more than what meets the eyes.

Trevor Noah’s Snake exposed - Photo

Tweeps have been digging up old pictures of some Mzansi celebs hoping to find some evidence that might support Jackie’s claims – which many deem baseless.


One tweep dug out an old snap of Trevor Noah next to popular singer, The Weekend. The two stars were looking dapper and there was a snake badge on the comedian’s suit. Sharing the snap on Twitter, one tweep zoomed in on the snake and rekindled the conversation that was started by Phamotse.


As fans speculated on whether or not Trevor used some sort of special power to attain his wealth and success.

“What’s happening here is when you get the snake badge it means you have entered the elite group of the cult world. He might lose complexion coz of the snake licks but the man next to him will start being beat up on his face everyday as he is the sacrifice,” tweeted @ZethuBruh.

Some fans, however, quickly rubbished these claims and explained to those slamming Trevor that it’s simply fashion. The snake is just an emblem seen on most Gucci blazers.

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“Actually could be an exclusive Gucci blazer or badge piece. Gucci’s emblem is the snake,” commented Siseko Maposa.

Jackie Phamotse has come under fire from a few celebrities as well as the public following her controversial video. Some celebs, as well as members of the public, feel that Jackie’s claims shed a bad light on those individuals who actually worked their asses off to actually attain wealth. This in turn paints a bad picture to our fellow black brother about success. What are your thoughts?


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