Trouble in paradise: Babes Wodumo and Mamphintsha divorce imminent. Musicians Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha’s relationship has always been in the public eye.

Trouble in paradise: Babes Wodumo and Mamphintsha divorce imminent.

The couple has been vocal about the many challenges they have faced.
In a recent interview with TshisaLive , the Gqom musicians said they are undergoing therapy.
Mampintsha said they have learnt to deal with issues and not leave them unattended.

“We’ve learnt that when you have problems, don’t run away from it,” he told the publication.


He added that it is important to have someone who serves as a mediator if you want to openly discuss issues and be heard.

“It’s important to have a mediator in a marriage like a therapist because someone can hear both sides of the story. When it’s just the two of you everyone wants to be heard,” said Mampintsha in the interview.


“You get to understand things differently with anger management or whatever story you have so that you can cough out everything. I think whether or not you are married it’s important,” he said.

His wife, Babes Wodumo, added that they are currently seeking help from a counsellor. This is the second time in their marriage they are getting help from a professional, but the ‘Wololo’ hitmaker claims this time it is different because they are more mature.

“We are now going to counselling to make sure that things are good between us as a couple, so this time is different. People will see that we are seeking help and that we are more mature,” she told the publication.

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The mother of one added that their marriage is now more ‘powerful’ than before.

“We are able to work well together without the noise,” she said.
“We are able to respect each other now in marriage, it’s more powerful now.”

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