Tweeps Expose Mantuli’s Secret. Skeem Saam keeps getting lit by the day. Ever since Pretty’s quest to find out whether or not she is a Seakamela, Mantuli’s world has turned upside down.

Tweeps Expose Mantuli’s Secret

Following numerous attempts to stop her from her pursuits – she still went through with the DNA test and after the tests came back – a lot of skeletons fell out the closet.

The results showed that Pretty and Sthoko’s DNA results matched that of Seakamela while Kwaito’s results didn’t match that of his siblings. This left him heartbroken and confused. He has demanded the truth from his mom, however, a hesitant Mantuli maintains that Kwaito is Seakamela’s son. To confirm this, Zamo will be doing a follow-up test behind her back for verification.

Amid the drama, we ran a poll on Twitter to find out whether or not Tweeps believe that Mantuli is withholding the truth from her family and tweeps seem to think so. Our poll results came in and 82.6% seem to think that she is hiding something. Her defensive behaviour also isn’t helping the case – she has slapped her daughter Pretty and accused her of being jealous of Zamo.

Back in March, we reported that Seakamela’s death would cause uneasiness in his household and cause a division between Mantuli and her three children and our predictions have proven to be true. Some of the drama’s viewers have always wondered why Zomokuhle doesn’t look like any of his siblings. His complexion is darker compared to Sthoko and Pretty and his nose is slightly broader. Some fans have already concluded that Kwaito is John Maputla’s child as he looks more like him and he is their neighbour. If this is true, how will Meikie react to the news?

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Clement Maosa – the actor who portrays Kwaito Seakamela – is currently living his best life. He recently turned 34-years old and awarded himself with a monster of a car. “At the age of 21, I obtained my LLB degree and immediately got my first tv break and since I never looked back but through it all this here Queen gave me and my siblings the greatest love a human can ask for after both my parents passed on.” He shared in part on his birthday and thanked everyone who has shown him support.

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