#Umdeni: Fezile Allegedly Caught Cheating In The Act. On the latest episode of Umdeni, fans were taken on a rollercoaster ride after one of the castmates was caught cheating.

#Umdeni: Fezile Allegedly Caught Cheating In The Act

Fezile is one of the most loved characters on the Moja Love show and for many years, fans have been invested in her journey. The beauty who identifies as trans was thrust into the limelight when she started dating Baba Maseko and since then, audiences have fallen in love with her and they have dubbed her the ‘slay queen’ of the show.

In one of the earlier seasons of the show, Fezile was embroiled in drama after her family came to pick her up from Baba Maseko’s house because they did not approve of her relationship with the man who is old enough to be her father.

When her family got there, a fight broke out between them and Dabula who hit her uncle.

Since then, there has been a lot of drama between her family and the family she chose to stay with. Two weeks ago, she went home and never returned to Baba Maseko’s house becuase because she claimed she was too busy with her school work and on Saturday’s episode, we found out the real reason why she has been a no show.


The episode started with Dabula saying that she had several visions about Fezile and a mysterious, the traditional healer claimed that she saw Fezile getting cozy with a man that was no Baba Maseko at what looked like a park and and towards the end of the episode, it was revealed that Fezile was indeed cheating on her man with a younger guy.

Taking to Twitter, fans shared their opinions on the situation:









After Fezile was caught on a date with her alleged new lover, a fight broke out beween her new and her old bae. Baba Maseko was seen clapping the guy after he disrespectfully told him that he was a ‘boy’.

This is not the first time a cast member has cheated on the show, last season, Baba Maseko was exposed for cheating on his partners and the drama played out on screen. Fans were taken through the journey and it was very intense.

A month ago, Nkanyezi was also exposed for cheating on Maseko after the man of the wife she was cheating with came to their home to expose her.

It was later revealed that she was allegedly pregnant with the man’s baby and she later confirmed that she allegedly terminated the pregnancy.

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Last month, the Umdeni family lost one of their own after Malwandle passed away suddenly after a short illness. At the time, Moja Love sent out a press release to confirm the tragic news, “Moja LOVE is saddened by the passing of MaLwandle, a cast member of Umndeni. He was a colourful spirit that brought so much life to the production. Moja LOVE extends its condolences to his family and friends. May God give them strength and healing through this difficult time and his soul rest in peace.“

After his death, the cast and crew of the popular show paid tribute to one of their own in the way that Malwandle would have liked. They had a church sendoff for him as well as a traditional ceremony to say goodbye to him.

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