Pastor Mdletshe and the other Uzalo’s cast members have also decided to take on the John Vuli Gate Challenge which took over social media a few days ago. The challenge is set to take over Jerusalema and Sister Bettina, as it’s now one of the top songs on Tik Tok.

Uzalo Actors takes on the #JohnVuliGateChallenge

The dance challenge went viral after a TikTok video, of a group of young ladies was shared on social media, where they are seen dancing to Mapara A Jazz Ft. Gaz and Colano’s John Vuli Gate song outside a filling station. The video caused such quite a mixing as a result scores of people from Mzansi and international have also decided to partake in the trend dance challenge.

Many people including Mapara A Jazz Ft. Gaz and Colano’s have praised the ladies for making the challenge viral. The challenge has been calling on ladies to shake their hips and bums to the attractive amapiano song.

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Not to be left out Uzalo cast members decided to participate in it and they have left many of their fans in awe. Their dance challenge was shared on Uzalo’s official Twitter page and they are seen shaking their assets.

The John Vuli Gate dance challenge is not the first challenge to go viral. Master KG’s #JerusalemaChallenge also continues to stimulus a global dance frenzy with many people across the world participating in the challenge

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