Uzalo has become Mzansi’s most-watched soapie, pulling over 11.3 million views in a month with its interesting storyline – let alone its exceptionally talented and qualified actors. Uzalo Actors With No Qualifications But Still Killing It On Their Roles.

Uzalo Actors With No Qualifications But Still Killing It On Their Roles

Unlike back in the day when the entertainment industry was populated by actors with talent and experience – not educational qualifications, nowadays, it is the only qualification that gets one a job.

One would expect Uzalo, one of the best show on the soapie scene has its crew armed with the best educational qualifications for the entertainment industry, but, alas!

A number of the show’s best actors do not have educational qualifications. Sime do have the relevant degrees, while a few have totally irrelevant degrees for the acting roles.

Here Are Some Few Uzalo Actors With No Qualifications:

Masoja Msiza AKA Nkunzi

He’s probably the most loved villain in the show at the moment. Nkunzi aka Cool Kruger is playing perfectly the role of evil but perfect supervillain. He has managed to stay relevant in the show since its inception due to his experience and quality acting skills.

One would guess right that his character on the show is that of someone uneducated.

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Mr Msiza did not further his education after finishing high school. Instead, he left school for a job in the mines only to get into the entertainment industry years later – still with no educational qualifications.

Nompilo Maphumulo AKA Nosipho

Beauty with no brains? Hell No! She’s one of Uzalo’s best actresses who’s killing at his role as MaNgcobo’s daughter.

She however could not further her education after doing matrics. Instead, he left for a waitress job in Durban, then later worked as a sales agent at a renowned call centre before taking up the acting job.

Nyalleng Thebedi AKA Zikhethelo

She’s qualified with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at the University of Cape Town. But later studied an acting course in New York during the course of her acting career.

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