Uzalo actress Nelisa Mchunu, who plays Fikile, has found herself in hot water on social media after her tweet dissing broke women, ruffled many feathers. Her post was deemed insensitive looking at the alarming statistics when it comes to unemployment in the country.

Uzalo actress Nelisa Mchunu (Fikile) under fire for attacking poor and uneducated SA women

Nelisa advised women to step it up a little as men are tired of dating broke, poor, lazy, demanding, and uneducated women. Her choice of words really struck a chord with Tweeps who told her to step down from her high horse.

“I don’t know who needs to see this but Men are also tired of dating broke, demanding, uneducated, poor, and lazy women. Step up sis!!” she wrote.

She has since deleted her tweet but people came for her guns blazing. Many reminded the actress to check herself as the world can be a tricky place and she too can lose it all. They told Nelisa that there are educated, qualified, non-demanding women who are working hard at securing opportunities but they are scarce.

Karabo Mkaofane wrote: “Don’t call people broke just because someone gave you an opportunity to be where you are today, people are not lazy opportunities are scarce out there. Are you rich Nelisa ?

Sizwe Mzobe also shared the same sentiments and warned Nelisa by saying, “Oh yes right no one will understand the situation till u in the same as them u called broke.”

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Sabelo Thabethe said: “My sister has a degree in public relations. She graduated in 2017. But until today she is still looking for a job. So be careful when you pick such words. They can turn on you tomorrow.”

Quiet a few celebrities have openly spoke about how they wish to not date people who are broke. Influencer Thickleeyonce revealed that she has always had money and that she started working at a young age and the downside of that was the fact that men her age which she was dating were often not working and she found herself supporting them financially.

Recently Khanyi Mbau flat out said she does not want to date broke men too. Khanyi Mbau called upon the men to submit their appeals to go out on a date. The reality star, who is newly single, sent out a tweet on Monday, 2 November 2020, which asked for handsome AND rich men to submit their applications for her consideration.

She tweeted, “I feel like going on date a very handsome rich man 2moro night, Serious people only. Ps. I said handsome and rich. Tag me.”

Perhaps such comments from prominent people can be triggering for many people, especially during these tough COVID-19 times.

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