#Uzalo : is it possible that Mxolisi and Mastermind Are The Ones Who Sent A parcel To Nkunzi? Uzalo : Hot war between Nkunzi, Mxolisi and Mastermind

Uzalo : Hot war between Nkunzi, Mxolisi and Mastermind

It been kind of a song that Mxolisi and Mastermind are coming back on uzalo. This time around they are coming back for good. Let find out whether they are the ones who sent the parcel with a built to Nkunzi.

Mxolisi and Mastermind they are biggest enemy of Nkunzi including Thulani. Mxolisi and Mastermind will always side with Mangcobo no matter what because to them she has been a good and supportive mother.

The time for Nkunzi to pay what he did to Mangcobo has arrive. Mxolisi and Mastermind will make sure that Nkunzi meet his ancestors because of what he did to Mangcobo.

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Sending a parcel with a built was the sign that they are coming for him. The way Nkunzi punished Mangcobo will also experience it . With the help of Thulani Mxolisi and Mastermind will managed to take Nkunzi down.

Are ready for the coming hot war between Nkunzi, Mxolisi and Mastermind ??

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